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I'm working on designing a new web app and I have a pretty open-ended question.

You'll notice that many web apps are now offering the ability to log into their service through an existing third-party account that you have (i.e. OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Would you think it a good idea to completely do away with "native" login on a webapp and only allow users to login via a third-party account. By "native", I mean the user has to create an account with the classic username, password, password confirm, and email fields before logging in.

I kind of like the way Stack Overflow does thing with requiring an OpenID to login, but I would like to avoid the complexity of the OpenID front-end and provide "Log in with (Google|Yahoo|etc)" buttons.

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you are going to have to have users login, so i don't really see the difference between putting up an OpenID login page and a standard user/password page.

The great thing about OpenDI is that you do not need to manage users' login information. That is NOT to say that you don't need to have information for the users in your application. StackOverflow is keeping track of all your activity/reputation/privileges independently of OpenID.

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