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How do I bind a bool to select a specific image? For eg. I have My Image control. I have a binded property with the name of IsTrue.

I have 2 images:

  1. TrueImg.png
  2. FalseImg.png

How do I show an image based on bool?

Then how can I extend this to affect strings, such as "Male", "Female"?

All images are located inside the silverlight app.

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You need to look at Converters –  ChrisF Jun 9 '11 at 20:24

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Take a look the blog article A Generic Boolean Value Converter. With the code there in place you add this converter:-

 public class BoolToBitmapImageConverter : BoolToValueConverter<BitmapImage> { }

Now add an instance of this to your Xaml:-

     <local:BoolToBitmapImageConverter x:Key="boolImgConv" >
             <BitmapImage UriSource="TrueImg.png" />
             <BitmapImage UriSource="FalseImg.png" />

Now you can bind using this converter:

 <Image Source="{Binding YourBoolProp Converter={StaticResource boolImgConv}}" />

Similarly you can add a converter for you strings:-

 <local:BoolToStringConverter x:Key="boolSex" FalseValue="Male" TrueValue="Female" />


 <TextBlock Text="{Binding YouBoolProp Converter={StaticResource boolSex}}" />
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You have to implement a boolean to string converter and manually transform your boolean values to file names.

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