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I'm using CakePHP and a custom file browser, alongside TinyMCE.

Here's my callback:

<script type="text/javascript">

function fileBrowserCallBack(field_name, url, type, win) { 
            browserField = field_name; 
            browserWin = win; 
            window.open('/controller/mupload', 'browserWindow', 'modal,width=600,height=500,scrollbars=yes');

            mode : 'textareas', 
            theme : 'advanced', 
            // theme specific stuff

            file_browser_callback: 'fileBrowserCallBack', 
            width: '620', 
            height: '380', 
            relative_urls : false 

My window.open in the callback refers to my upload script, in CakePHP. This uploads, and displays images perfectly. When I select an image, the path to the image appears in TinyMCE's Image URL field - all appears like it's working.

I then click Insert, and TinyMCE adds this HTML:

<p><img border="0" /></p> - completely ignoring the path to the image - even though it is set.

If I then click "Insert Image", and browse to another one (or the same), and then select insert, the image appears perfectly, with the correct path, as you would expect.

I can provide more code, but not a live link unfortunately.

So - to summarise, the first time I attempt to insert an image, it inserts an invalid tag. The second time, it works perfectly.

Firebug shows no errors.

Any suggestions?

TinyMCE version:


Thank you.

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can you provide the code of /controller/mupload –  Thariama Jun 10 '11 at 8:46
I've also noticed this in TinyMCE as of late. Yet to work out a solution. –  thats4shaw Jun 21 '11 at 0:50
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