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I am trying to port a packet sniffer from Linux to windows and am having trouble finding an appropriate API to the Ethernet device on Windows. I don't want to use WinPcap because I don't want to have to install WinPcap on the target machines. Is there an alternative which I can use which still provides a relatively easy interface. If it's free that would be great.


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To grab packets on Windows you always have to install some layer (WinPCap) into HW drivers, there is no other way to make it working.

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I know of at least one Packet Sniffer SDKs on the market that you can buy which don't seem to require WinPCAP (see www.microolap.com). I'm sure that this might install something into the HW drivers, which is fine. The key point is that it provides a functional API compiled into my binary. –  Howard May Mar 16 '09 at 10:37

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