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Hi Folks i just want to know how can i make a
or a "/n" inside of an expression of Microsoft reports

i need to print the result ( for example )

Lab: lab something
name: name something
Minimum ammount: $12356, % of discount: 5%

and i have this so far

="Laboratorio:"& Fields!NombreProveedor.Value &
"Nombre Oferta: " & Fields!NombreOferta.Value & 
"Monto Minimo: " & Fields!MontoMinimo.Value & "% de descuento " & Fields!Descuento.Value

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Try using System.Environment.NewLine

="First Line" + System.Environment.NewLine + "Second Line"
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Thank you very much –  Carlos Guillermo Bolaños Lopez Jun 9 '11 at 21:48

In VBA new line is achieved by vbNewLine or vbCrLf:

"text1" & vbNewLine & "text2" ...
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