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I'm looking for software to run a point-of-sale photo kiosk. What I'm looking for is similar to the kiosk system here (, however they have gone out of business.

I did find an open source system xKiosk2, however it will not function for my needs and changing it over to what I need would take as much time as it would to build it myself. In addition, it just doesn't work.

So what I need is software that I can have a host computer with photos on it and several "browsing" computers looking at those photos. Customers can select the photos they want to buy, purchase with a credit card (or cash), and the photos can be burned to CD or printed.

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If you are trying to build an application we will need a lot more information than what you have shown. If you want to buy such software, that is not a programming question; consider asking MediaClip or PNI Media.

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