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I have written a map-reduce application that consists of two map-reduce phases.

binary input file -> m1-> r1 -> m2 -> r2 -> text output

The input file to my application contains a small chunk of data (<1k) that is needed by the second reducer (r2). I have written a custom record reader that extracts this data, but then how do I pass this along to the next job? It seems like this is a job for DistributedCache, but it appears that DistributedCache cache files are scoped to a single job's scratch space. What is the best way to share small data between different jobs in the same chain?

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Try hadoop with -files option I had similar issue in past and -files option worked for me. Have a look here

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I've used the -files option before, the problem is that the file I would like to share is generated by the first phase of the map-reduce pipeline. In other words, I don't have the file available on the client in able to use the -file option on the command line. – Mitch McCuiston Jun 10 '11 at 14:22

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