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I am using social auth-net for integration google, yahoo & msn login in asp.net 4. I am using this link for development.

On integrating there are some errors with each of the services:

  1. Google login works fine but redirects me to the homepage everytime when i gave a redirect page on the login method: oUser.Login("Google.aspx");

  2. Yahoo login works till yahoo login page but after login, is not redirected to the website, rather stucked with an //authsub... url.

  3. Msn login: Msn says that there is a problem with the site with whom you are trying to share information.

I have hosted the above demonstration page here. Kindly help!!!

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Detailed thread on these issues is available here:



  1. Google Problem: Feature yet to be implemented
  2. Yahoo Problem: Access to profile is required
  3. MSN Problem: Likely account problem
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Yep. I am the same person who posted this problem for discussion at the given link :) –  Jayesh Jun 13 '11 at 12:36

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