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I'm trying to use JMVC's localStorage plugin to cache my models until I explicitly update them.

The only example I've found is the following, that says that I have to manually store the models in the local store.

function updateModel(params) {

I'm not sure how to apply that example to JMVC's regular model methods. For example, how would I update this model's findAll() to look in the local store for models before executing the ajax call?

    setup: function(){
        this.storeType = SS.Model.HTML5Store.Local;
        this._super.apply(this, arguments);
    findAll: function( params, success, error ){
        // How do I update this to store and retrieve models from localStorage?
            url: '/todo',
            type: 'get',
            dataType: 'json',
            data: params,
            success: this.callback(['wrapMany',success]),
            error: error,
            fixture: "//app/fixtures/todos.json.get" 


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With this Html5 Store, you don't have to use the findAll method. The Setup method will preload the objects and instantiate your model. This article explains how to use it : http://awardwinningfjords.com/2010/05/21/html5-localstorage-for-javascriptmvc.html

You can also visit this todolist to understand an other (and simplier) session storage solution : http://forum.javascriptmvc.com/topic/sexy-jmvc-todo-demo-nsfw

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