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How do I stop from installing a package as an egg? Or even better, how do I easy_install from installing a package as an egg?

sudo python install

The reason being that PyDev is rather picky about packages in egg format... The package I am interested in at the moment is boto.

Update: I found the brute force way of doing it:

sudo easy_install -m boto
cd path/to/boto-xyz.egg
sudo mv boto ..
sudo rm -rf boto-xyz.egg
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Years later, same problem, not satisfied with the accepted answer. Found this in Google groups:

pushd /path/to/my/package/ 
python sdist 
pip install /path/to/my/package/dist/package-1.0.tar.gz

Explanation: python sdist creates a source distribution which naturally is not an *.egg! The resulting archive (.tar.gz in unix, .zip in windows) can be installed like any remote module with pip. It doesn't even require additional parameters! This results in the desired fully browsable module.

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What benefit is there of using pusd popd vs cd cd -? Or is it just taste? –  Pureferret May 7 at 15:14
I was just referencing. I'd say it's just taste (flavor: Linux). –  freeo Jul 24 at 14:04

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