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I just need a way for my logo to be wrapped in an H1 if this is the home page and if not wrap it in a div so

if home

    <h1 id="logo"....


    <div id="logo"...
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I would abandon whatever SEO ideals led you to think you shouldn't just leave it as an <h1> on every page. – meagar Jun 10 '11 at 3:02
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Try this:

- if home
  %h1{:id => "logo"}
- else
  %div{:id => "logo"}

Alternatively, if it's really class and not id you need, you can simplify to:

- if home
- else
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- if home
- else

(StackOverflow isn't highlighting it correctly though). I generally avoid ids and use classes whenever possible (which would make it .logo instead of #logo).

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