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Does Internet Explorer support pushState and replaceState?

Any word yet on whether IE10 will support the HTML 5 History API?

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No, IE10 does not support HTML5 History API.

Check IE10 Platform Preview 2.

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YESSS! Looks like IE10 will have it :)


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as of today, it has a bug making it useless: IE10 history implementation has a bug, the popstate event does not fire. Here is the test fiddle, that works in chrome and firefox: jsfiddle.net/citykid/dFs6R/1 –  citykid Apr 4 '13 at 10:56

Check Metro style browsing: one engine, two experiences, no compromises out. According to the blog, the feature should be available in the IE10 in the Win8 BUILD version already.

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