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I am working on a game engine called Engine1 (logo is a big steam train). I've been very successful with motion animation, sprite animation and element manipulation. I can create/destory/animate elements very quickly (about ~1000 elements every 1/40 of a second).

I'm now looking to expand my engine to include a library for isometric maps with path finding support. Please don't give me copy and paste code. I'm looking for information and theory about efficient algorithms for isometric path-finding.

I also plan on releasing my engine as open source after I release my own game with it first (proof of concept). If your interested in snagging an early build message me.

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The basic grid path-finding algorithm is very simple:

  • Take your starting cell, recursively hit every adjacent possible cell
    • ignore invalid cells, e.g. walls/etc
  • whenever you hit a cell, only continue if you're at the lowest step for that cell. e.g.:
  • Die whenever you're further than the best distance so far

    A B C
    D E F
    G H I

You have several paths from A-I (in random order):

  • A-B(1)-C(2)-F(3)-E(4)-H(5)-I(6)
  • A-D(1)-E(2)-B(3) -- die because B(3) > B(1)
  • A-D(1)-E(2)-F(3)-I(4)
  • A-B(1)-E(2)-D(3) -- die because D(3) > D(1)
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