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I'd like to execute all tests in a /test directory without using annotations such as

@Suite.SuiteClasses( ....)

In the past i had a single class, which was calling many other classes to test them all. This approach is no longer acceptable.

I have a /test directory, underneath which i have a number of packages, each containing several tests.

In my current ANT script, i have:

<target name="compileTest" depends="compile" description="compile jUnit">
    <javac srcdir="${test}" destdir="${bin}" includeantruntime="true" />

followed by

<target name="test" depends="compileTest">
    <junit printsummary="yes" fork="no" haltonfailure="no">
        <classpath location="${bin}" />
        <formatter type="plain" />

In the past, i had

<test name="MyCollectionOfTests" />

I'd rather not do this anymore.

What am i missing? Please advise.

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You can use a nested batchtest. For instance:

<junit printsummary="on"
    <path refid="tests.classpath"/>
 <batchtest todir="${}">
    <fileset dir="${test.gen}">
      <include name="**/Test*.java"/>
    <fileset dir="${test.src}">
      <include name="**/Test*.java"/>
      <exclude name="gen/**/*"/>

In its simplest form, you can simply add a nested:

<batchtest todir="report">
  <fileset dir="test"/>

to your junit call.

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It's a beautiful thing ... THANK YOU – Jam Jun 10 '11 at 5:40

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