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I've found a rather interesting mishap here. I have a negative margin on my navigation as I wanted it to sit specifically. All appears fine in FF, but in Safari my content is jumping up to where my nav is, as if my nav does not exist.

I tried playing around with the numbers, when I change it from -77px to -55 the content jumps where it's supposed to be (but obviously my nav does not).

Here's a link to my code via pastebin.

Any help is much appreciated! Oh, the site is here Thanks

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You've got a few problems with the layout design of the site that are causing the problem, I think. It is having issues in Chrome as well.

First, your nav isn't contained in its own div, which doesn't really fit in with the design pattern you're following. Consider a redesign with the following:

div wrapper
    div header
    div nav
    div content
        div column1, etc
    div footer
div wrapper (end)

This will give you much more control over the layout, and you'll make changes on the nav div instead of the ul. Your clearing divs aren't completely necessary as you're not floating any elements, but I think you're using them to create white space - either use margins or assign the nav element a height and your original issue should be resolved. I hope this helps.

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Many thanks for the awesomely quick response! Indeed I just put my nav into a proper div (using an old template - lord knows why it's set up that way) and it seems to have solved it, I had to put a height on it for safari but it looks okay. Thanks again! While I'm here - have you any idea why font-face wouldn't be working on my template? –  Natasha Jun 10 '11 at 5:45
No problem! Are the font files in the same directory as the CSS file? –  Nic Jun 10 '11 at 5:57

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