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Does someone know a way how to update/draw subsystem's input or output results in runtime? In this sense, one could do a Scope block, which updates itself during the simulation, so one could see the results already by looking at the block.

Of course, my intention is not making a scope block but make some custom drawings based on results inside the subsystem in runtime.

This would mean either to:

  • be able to access a variable with results in plot command of masked subsystem and making sure that Simulink calls refresh everytime the variable changes
  • change MaskDisplay from outside, for example by inputting absolute values in plot command and signaling to Simulink that it needs to refresh that Subsystem's drawing
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One way of to use a MATLAB Function block and declare plot, for example, as an extrinsic:


You can then use plot in the MATLAB Function. You can also do this for a custom MATLAB file:


Somewhat more complicated can be to use m-file s-function.

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