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for ( boldParam in [para1, para2, para2, para4, para5] ) {
    if(/* boldParam exists in params */)
        ilike(boldParam,'%' + params.boldParam + '%')

I would like to write something like above. I'm trying to avoid the following multiple if statements:

if (params.para1)
     ilike('para1','%' + params.para1+ '%')
if (params.para2)
     ilike('para2','%' +params.para2+ '%')
if (params.para3)
     ilike('para3','%' + params.para3+ '%')
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params is a Map, so you can use containsKey():

for (boldParam in [para1, para2, para2, para4, para5]) {
   if (params.containsKey(boldParam)) {
      ilike(boldParam, '%' + params.boldParam + '%')
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Trying to retrieve property that does not exist will give you null. That means you can simply do

if (!params.missing) {
   println("missing parameter is not present within request.")

In different use case you could also give a try to safe dereference operator ?.. For example:

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Nice and simple does it every time. –  GeoGriffin Mar 26 at 20:50

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