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I am building a data warehouse for the company's (which I am working for) core ERP application, for a particular client.

Most of the data in the source database, which is related to hierarchies in the data warehouse are in columns as shown below:Source ProductDescription table

But traditionally the model to store dimension data according to my knowledge is as:data warehouse DimProduct table

I could pivot the data and fit them in the model shown above. But the issue comes when a user introduces a new hierarchy value. Say for instance the user in the future decides to define a new level called Product Sub Category. Then my entire data warehouse model will collapse without a way to accommodate the new hierarchy level defined.

Do let me know a way to overcome this situation.

I hope my answer is clear enough. Just let me know if further details are needed.

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Well, nothing should collapse -- the ETL should extract and load the data as always.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Simply add one more column for the new hierarchy to the dimProduct.

  2. Try using hierarchy helper table.

  3. Consider adding path string attribute to the dimProduct.

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Thank you very much. I will go through the options you have proposed. For options 2 and 3 I will need to go through the links provided to get a full understanding. Adding a column will require configuration from our side, ya? That is we will simply need to convince the customer about our involvement. – picmate Jun 10 '11 at 12:41

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