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We use ClearCase UCM with intelliJ.

Intellij has this feature to generate HTML diff report for all files in a UCM activity. It compares current version (checkedout locally) with previous version, generates the diff in HTML (with colors, context etc) which can easily forwarded to another person. This does not work once changes are checked in.

Is there an external tool/ script which can generate such report from UCM activity and locally checkout files? It will nice if it can do the diff with change set predecessor.

I understand a long term solution will be to use better code review tools like ReviewBoard. . I am not sure if any of them generate such diff as my changes not checked in.

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I've done it once myself by writing a Python script using difflib. From this link:

class difflib.HtmlDiff
This class can be used to create an HTML table (or a complete HTML file containing the table) showing a side by side, line by line comparison of text with inter-line and intra-line change highlights. The table can be generated in either full or contextual difference mode.

So you need to use ClearCase API to get the different version of the file (I've done it with SVN, not ClearCase) and then use that class.

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