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Came across the following line in the Composite Application Guidelines.

I know the => is a lambda but what does the () mean?

What are some other examples of this?

What is it called so I can search for it?

        , () => this.container.Resolve<EmployeesListPresenter>().View);
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So it's true. C# is turning into Perl! –  rjh Mar 10 '09 at 14:21

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It's a lambda expression that takes 0 arguments


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If you look at x => x + 1

It takes a parameter x and returns x incremented by one. The compiler will use type inference to deduct that x is probably of type int and will return another int so you have a lambda that takes a parameter x of type int and returns an integer.

() => 3;

is the same but doesn't take a parameter, it will return an integer.

() => Console.WriteLine("hello");

Will result in a void method with no parameters.

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That's an empty argument list, meaning the lambda expression takes no arguments.

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