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I'm building a new rails3.1 engine for commentable functionality.

I created the engine, generated the resource named Comment.

The engine's config/routes.rb has:

Kurakani::Engine.routes.draw do
  resources :comments

The spec/dummy rails app has a resource named Post and its routes has:

Rails.application.routes.draw do

  resources :posts do
    resources :comments

  mount Kurakani::Engine => "/kurakani"

I've setup the associations between the engine's Comment model and dummy rails app's Post model.

Then inside the spec/dummy rails app, I've rendered out the comment form in the show template of the Post. The form also gets generated with its action path to post/1/comments.

When I run the spec, I think it tries to search for the controller inside the spec/dummy app itself instead of submitting to the engine's app/controllers/kurakani/comments_controller.rb, so I get the following error when I run the spec.

$ bundle exec rspec spec/integration/comments_spec.rb                                                                           ruby-1.9.2-p180
No examples matched {:focus=>true}. Running all.
Run filtered excluding {:exclude=>true}

/Users/millisami/gitcodes/kurakani/app/views/kurakani/comments/_form.html.erb:3:in `___sers_millisami_gitcodes_kurakani_app_views_kurakani_comments__form_html_erb___1787449207373257052_2189921740'


  1) Kuraki::Comment authenticated user creating a new comment
     Failure/Error: click_button "Create"
       uninitialized constant CommentsController
     # ./spec/integration/comments_spec.rb:29:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

How can I specify the comment to be submitted to the engine's comments_controller.rb instead of the spec/dummy app??

If I couldn't make the problem clear, I've pushed the repo at

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Can anyone look at it? Its banging my head!! –  Millisami Jun 15 '11 at 11:54

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The problem is that your route for the form that is generated goes to /posts/:post_id/comments, which is the route defined in your application, but not your engine. Your engine only defines this route:

resources :comments

This is (almost) working because the engine sees that the application has the route which matches to CommentsController, it's just that there's no CommentsController for it to go to.

I downloaded the application from GitHub and had a play around and changed the form_for in app/views/kurakani/comments/_form.html.erb to be this:

form_for(, :url => kurakani.comments_path)

This makes the test pass, but I am not sure if it actually gives you what you want. You're probably going to want to play around with that URL part yourself.

What's happening here is that this view is rendered by the main application using the kurakani_list helper in spec/dummy/app/posts/show.html.erb, meaning that any URL helper that you reference (directly or indirectly) will point to the application and not to the engine, like I think you want it to.

So in order to tell Rails what the true route is that we want our form to go to we must specify the :url option and tell it we want to go to kurakani.comments_path, rather than the comments_path which may be defined by the application.

If we wanted to do the reverse (reference an application route from within an engine), we would use main_app rather than kurakani.

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