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I want to pass en value from my action to the result jsp file in google app engine. google app engine 1.4.3 for java and strut2

with the instruction of http://programmingpanda.blogspot.com/2009/07/struts-2-ongl-issue-on-google-app.html I already fixed the ongl listener.

in my action:

public String execute()
    ActionContext.getContext().getValueStack().set("user", "LovelyCat");
    return "success";

and the result page is this jsp page, and i try to get "user" in it:

    String name = (String)ActionContext.getContext().getValueStack().findValue( "user" );  

but name is null and it prints nothing. guys, please help me.

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Use this

public String execute() {
    ActionContext.getContext().put("user", "LovelyCat");
    return SUCCESS;


<s:property value="user" />

or more optimal

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Do it the struts way. Just set the value in an action class property and then access it in JSP using the struts tags like <s:property>

In Action class:

public String execute()
   return "success";


<s:property value="user"/>
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