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Possible Duplicate:
Getting the Specified content into the buffer in c

I have a text file as shown Below.

Hello, User

I need a C program to Capture Hello, User into a buffer variable.. Can anyone please help me.. Thanks

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Is this your homework? You should really be doing this yourself if it is... how will you learn otherwise? You should also provide what you have already done when you post a question.

Here is a very bare-bones solution.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

#define SIZE_OF_BUFFER 255
#define FILENAME "yourpage.html"
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

/* Read the contents of the (first) BODY tag into buffer */
int main(void)
    int next_read = FALSE;
    char buffer[SIZE_OF_BUFFER] = {'\0'};
    FILE *htmlpage;

    htmlpage = fopen(FILENAME, "r");
    if(htmlpage ==  NULL)
        printf("Couldn't locate file - exiting...");
        return -1;

    while(fscanf(htmlpage, " %[^\n]s", buffer) != EOF)
        if(strncmp(buffer, "<BODY>", 6) == 0)
            next_read = TRUE;
        else if(next_read == TRUE)


    if(next_read == TRUE)
        /* print the contents of buffer */
        printf("%s\n", buffer);
        printf("No <BODY> tag found in file!\n");

    return 0;
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