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When I run my VB.NET Winforms app I do not want it to steal the focus from the other open apps. FYI, my app is started from the command line but that shouldn't make a difference. I've seen question 577076 but that doesn't seem to work.

What is the best way to do this?

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Here is what I did to get this working:

I added the following code to my Form1.vb file:

Protected Overloads Overrides ReadOnly Property ShowWithoutActivation() As Boolean  
        Return True  
    End Get  
End Property

But still no success.

Then I unchecked the Enable Application Framework checkbox on the Application tab of the project properties.


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Here is an article on ShowWithoutActivation() msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Achilles Jul 3 '09 at 19:38

In the example you linked, some constants are declared outside the scope of the method. Here is another version that should work for you:

protected CreateParams CreateParams {
  get {
    CreateParams baseParams = base.CreateParams;
    const int WS_EX_NOACTIVATE = 0x08000000;   
    const int WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW = 0x00000080;    
    baseParams.ExStyle |= (int) (WS_EX_NOACTIVATE | WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW); 
    return baseParams;

You're gonna have to translate it to VB.Net though...

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Thanks Julien, you did answer my original question but that still didn't work to prevent form from stealing focus. I edited my question to make it clearer. –  JapNolt Mar 11 '09 at 12:57

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