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I have an eclipse workspace with directories for various projects:project1, project2 etc. So i created a project1.git in a dropbox folder. I work on my code in project1, my working directory. I have git remote added "project1.git" as origin. So, here is exactly the stupid thing i did.I created a new project, named project2, and without adding a new remote origin for project2, i did a stupid git commit and git push origin. so project1 is now corrupted. How exactly do i recover from this? I mean, i want project1.git to have the current contents of project1 directory. And a fresh project2 folder with a separate project2.git remote origin..

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You could just revert the commit in project2 and push again,

git revert HEAD
git push

Don't forget to change origin afterwards :)

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Hey Magnus thanks. I have a "neworigin" for project2 now.. –  hAcKnRoCk Jun 10 '11 at 11:22

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