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i am making an Android application in which i need to find out in which direction the user is shaking is phone. Not tilting, i mean literally jerking his hand in the direction of.

Actually i am making a photo viewing application and i wish to know if he has jerked his phone to the right then the next image should load up and if it is left movement , then the previous image should load up.

how do i achieve this. Currently to detect a shake i am using this tutorial.

thank you in advance.

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Check out this article. I have not tried it personally but looks good to me.

You could adapt the motion detection calculation to actually determine the direction quite easily.

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this is the same thing i am using, but it does not tell me anything reagarding in which direction was my phone moved. i have used the same calculation as given in the link but they only detect if the phone was shaked. – user590849 Jun 10 '11 at 10:10

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