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I have some code to transform an Excel file to an XML one but when the cell's text contains some special characters, I'm unable to handle then correctly. For example: a cell contains texts like

(Destinataire de flux entrants ou Origine de flux sortants) **==>** trallla 

when tranforming it into xml, I get

(Destinataire de flux entrants ou Origine de flux sortants) **==&gt** trallla  

How can I get around of this problem?

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You do not want '>' to be part of a value in a xml tag as it's a character that denotes the end of a tag. If it's substituted to &gt automatically than be happy it is. Your XML would become unusable otherwise. Typically any parsing of the XML afterwards will know how to handle the &gt part and re-substitute it.

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You can also use CDATA. If this can help you solve your problem.

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CDATA is the recommended (and intended) mechanism for potentially "unsafe" character data. – pap Jun 10 '11 at 10:25
That's true but he only parses the XML which has been generated by Excel. Therefore CDATA isn't a solution as he can not change the creation progress. – Robert Jun 10 '11 at 14:08

If you have problems reading esacaped HTML characters you can use Apache commons lang library which includes the method StringEscapeUtils.html.unescapeHtml(..).

The unescaped String is the input you want.

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