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I am using gdata-spreadsheet-3.0 jar to enter data in a Google spreadsheet.

I am using

(new ListEntry()).getCustomElements().setValueLocal("Header Name", "Value");

But I don't want to create the header manually.

I am unable to enter/create the header of the spreadsheet with Java. I’m also unable to enter data using spreadsheet's header (means A B C...).

Can I create a header or can I use spreadsheet's header (means A B C...)?

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I want to set header as Month-year but when i put value like August-2014 it shows 1/8/2014. any solutions ? –  Ankit Singla Aug 29 '14 at 10:45

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I would try to use the cell objects/feeds to set the values in the header row.


If that works, then you can hopefully use the list objects/feeds with header names you just set.

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