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In one of my Rails apps' AR classes, I ended up with an array of many newly initialised ActiveRecord objects.

I want to be able to save them to the DB in an efficient way, ideally, in one method call. At the moment, i have them wrapped inside a transaction.

Something like:

Object.transaction do

is there a more efficient solution to create/update an array of records?

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You do right with wrapping everything into a transaction, becuase then the database flushes and updates indices only once.

You cannot insert many objects in a single SQL statement in standard SQL. MySQL can do that, but this is non-default. I doubt there is a huge performance advantage to this.

If this code is really time critical, you could run it asynchronously (by either moving it into a background thread - note there are issues with ActiveRecord and multithreading - or let it be executed by a worker. Or you could generate the SQL by hand - AR is not extremely efficient in doing so. However, I would go that way only if this is extremely critical, and would consider it a hack then.

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Agreeing there. Just needed to make sure i wasn't missing anything there. I also corrected DB call to method call because that's the aim. I checked the class method update_all and was wondering if there's something similar to use while creating new records. –  cnicolaou Jun 10 '11 at 10:30
You can use a gem like activerecord-import to bulk insert. –  Corey Nov 16 '14 at 5:03
@Corey: You should add a separate answer. After all a separate gem could really introduce a number of per-database optimizations into mass-import. (Even though I am not convinced that activerecord-import actually does that; I would like to see some benchmarks on it.) –  radiospiel Nov 18 '14 at 8:15
Good point-- added an answer since it's an alternative solution :) –  Corey Nov 18 '14 at 10:17

I suggest using the activerecord-import gem until the mainline activerecord has support for bulk inserts.

It's fairly simple to use, for instance bulk inserting a bunch of "Rating" records:

# Example database record/model
class Rating < ActiveRecord::Base


ratings = []

# Create some fake data here..
100.times do |i|
    ratings << Rating.new({ stars: (rand * 5).to_i }) # random star rating

# Bulk import ratings (single query)
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