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I am using the asterisks. I want to transfer call using transfer application with h323 protocols. But I am not able to transfer call.

In the extensions.conf file I have added the following content.

exten => 118,1,answer()
exten => 118,n,set(__TRANSFER_CONTEXT=transfer)
exten => 118,n,saynumber(567)
exten => 118,n,wait(1)
exten => 118,n,transfer(H323/119)
exten => 119,1,answer()
exten => 119,n,saynumber(222)
exten => 119,n,hangup()
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What you are trying to do can be achieved with Goto command. Transfer is used to transfer calls to real devices/users but if you want to stick with that you can try:

exten => 118,n,transfer(Local/119@your_context)

or simply

exten => 118,n,transfer(Local/119)

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