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I want a certain javascript function to be called when the user mouse-overs / mouse-outs or clicks on all table rows (tr) with an id beginning with 'pos_'. I want to apply this from javascript in order to reduce the size of the original HTML sent from the webserver.

The following experiment with onmouseover works in Firefox, but in none of Google Chrome, MSIE 8, Safari or Opera:

var x = $('tr[id^=\'row_\']');
$(x).attr('onmouseover', 'alert("aaa");');

In all 5 browsers the 3 lines except the one with onmouseover works. The line with onmouseover only works in Firefox.

The javascript I was planning on executing instead of the alert, once it works, is something like


in order to perform some javascript work based on the row data contents when the mouse is hovering over it. (No, the work cannot be done only using CSS).

How do I apply an onmouseover event so it works in several of the relevant browsers?

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Have a look at the mouseover function in jQuery, instead of setting the onmouseover attribute. See the API here.

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Indeed. It seems to work in all browsers except Opera but I can live with that. Thanks. – tomsv Jun 10 '11 at 10:28

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