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My company is using database ONINSERT, ONUPDATE, ONDELETE triggers for logging changes and there is also a way to impersonate another database user by calling a stored procedure which sets a database session parameter. Then any changes made with that connection are automatically assigned to that user. I know it is a bad design but I cannot change this.

Now I need to make sure this stored procedure is always called before entity manager synchronizes changes with database and the user to impersonate is different each time. I tried simply doing it by simply wrapping the stored procedure call in a stateless EJB and calling that EJB before I make any changes to entities but this does not work in some cases - it acts like the procedure was never called. My guess is that the procedure was called in a different connection than the changes themselves were posted although this was supposed to happen in a single transaction.

Is there any clean way of doing this?

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You could use EntityListeners. These would have to be put on all your Entities, so if you have a lot, maybe it's not a good solution.

Otherwise, you may need an implementation specific way:

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