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I am trying to deserialize the following JSON string:

    "datetaken":"2010-06-10 11:34:35",

Following is the F# code:

type photo = {
        [<field: DataMember(Name = "id")>]
        [<field: DataMember(Name = "owner")>]
        [<field: DataMember(Name = "datetaken")>]
        [<field: DataMember(Name = "latitude")>]
        [<field: DataMember(Name = "longitude")>]

let internal unjson<'t> (jsonString:string)  : 't =  
    use ms = new MemoryStream(ASCIIEncoding.Default.GetBytes(jsonString)) 
    let obj = (new DataContractJsonSerializer(typeof<'t>)).ReadObject(ms) 
    obj :?> 't
let decodePhoto = unjson<photo>

The issue I am having is with the date field, the code above throws a deserializing error. How can I specify the format of the date string to parse?

Thanks a lot.

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Not sure, but can you use IDeserializationCallback interface or the OnDeserializing attribute for this?

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