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I'm currently writing a small parser in erlang, using yecc, and have encountered some problems. The problems occur when I'm parsing rules with 'lbrack' in it. The following rule is an illustration of my problem:

program -> 'char' 'ident' 'lbrack' 'int_constant' 'rbrack' 'semi'

It compiles ok, but when I'm trying to parse the following tokens:


the parser crashes with

 {1,parser,["syntax error before: ","lbrack"]}}}
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I tried with the following yecc file, yt.yrl:


char ident lbrack int_constant rbrack semi.


program -> 'char' 'ident' 'lbrack' 'int_constant' 'rbrack' 'semi'.

with your input and it worked fine. It didn't return anything, well '$undefined', but that is as it should be as my example doesn't return anything. Note that none of your terminal symbols need to be quoted as they are just normal atoms with "ordinary" names.

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Thanks! I don't know if my other rules interfered, but when I renamed 'lbrack' to '[' (In both the lexer and my yecc grammar) it worked. –  Burbas Jun 12 '11 at 11:23
That shouldn't make a difference as yecc detects interference between rules and disallows it. No ambiguity is allowed. –  rvirding Jun 13 '11 at 23:00

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