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I try to upload an update for my app. However I always get this error message:

enter image description here

I use xcode 4.2 and the iOS 5.0 SDK. I read that question Xcode iOS organizer submit to app store yields "The archive is invalid" error but nothing helped.

I tried following

  • uninstall xcode using command line and reinstall it
  • delete all distribution proviles and create new
  • opened the project file in text editor removed all provisioning lines and code sign lines, clean and build

I keep getting this error message. Any ideas?

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I tried removing CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY from the project file using a text editor with no luck.

However, try using

Don't resign

instead of choosing your distribution profile when submitting in the Organizer.

It worked for me.


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I was using Xcode 4.2 beta which cannot submit valid applications to the appstore, since it is beta. I rolled back to xcode 4 and was able to upload my build.

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