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In my AppSettings in web.config, I have something like this:

    <add key="ExternalSystemUrl" value="http://domain.com/page.aspx?id={0}&action=eat&object=bacon" />

However, it seems that when an ampersand (&) is included in an AppSettings value, ASP.NET throws the following error:

An error occurred while parsing EntityName

Why does this happen, and how can I include URLs like this in App.config?

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Replace & with &amp; (escape it):

    value="http://domain.com/page.aspx?id={0}&amp;action=eat&amp;object=bacon" />

That's the common requirement for any valid XML file.

See Where can I get a list of the XML document escape characters?

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You can Try using &amp; instead.

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In XML an ampersand tells the parser "the data immediately following this ampersand is an entity which needs to be translated." If the data immediately following is not a valid XML entity, then you get this error. If possible, use &amp; for your ampersand within the XML.

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