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i have a generated domain model using LLBLGEN, and im validating those validation rules which are created at domain layer using the fluentvalidation.TestHelper features.

an example of my validation looks like this:

public partial class MyClassValidator : AbstractValidator< MyClass >    


public MyClassValidator()
RuleFor(x => x.MyObjMoneyValue)
.WithState(x => NewFluentCustomState(x)); 


so i have a custom set of rules which arent generated by LLBLGEN which is a partial class to the generated rules which allows me to write some custom rules that arent based on the database (i.e. not null).

public partial class MyClassValidator 
    private void CustomRules()
        RuleFor(q => q.MyObjMoneyValue)
            .WithMessage("Value must be greater than 0")

i have a test to test this case:

_validator.ShouldHaveValidationErrorFor(q => q.MyObjMoneyValue, 0);

However, this fails to test the custom rules.. any idea how how i can test the custom rules?


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You can use Custom(x => x.) for your custom validation no need for another methods

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