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In my app i am having a table view in which i am having buttons in which images are shown .Now what i want is that when i click on any image(button).then another table view has to be shown inside the first table view.Then i need to click on the images present in the second table view .How can i achieve that .Is it possible to create a table view inside other table view or i is there any other solution like creating a view and then adding images inside it.Please help.Any help will be appreciated.



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It's definitely possible, but Apple advises not putting a UITableView inside another UITableView (it makes touch tracking and behavior significantly more complex).

The best solution depends on your exact situation, but if the sub-view contains a lot of data, you can move it off into it's own modal view, or you can create a static or semi-static view that is embedded inside your UITableViewCell when that cell is selected.

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thanks a lot .... –  Christina Jun 10 '11 at 13:40

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