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I'm running Fedora 14 64 bits.

I cloned the kernel source tree from git://

About a week ago I compiled and upgraded the kernel from 2.6.35 to 2.6.39, it went pretty smoothly, all I did was very straight-forward:

make menuconfig
make oldconfig
make -j8
make modules_install && install

Then I added a dummy system call (I was following this with the Linux Kernel Development book by Robert Love) and tried to compile again, it compiled the kernel fine, but when I issued:

[root@xps420 Kernel]# make modules
CHK     include/linux/version.h
CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h
CALL    scripts/
Building modules, stage 2.
MODPOST 4 modules

it only made 4 modules, previously there were over 2000 modules.

I thought it was my dummy system call that was causing the problem, I undid all the changes and tried again, with the same result.

Again, the steps I took were:

make menuconfig
make oldconfig
make -j8
make modules ----> suspicious

I'm not sure what is causing this.

EDIT: A little more info, I run make clean before recompiling, but it still only made 4 modules. At one point I did make modules_install, and checked /lib/modules/[ver], only those 4 modules were copied there. I should have stopped there but I went ahead and run make install anyway, it installed the kernel, but was unable to boot with it.

EDIT: I just downloaded the stable release ( from, after going thru the steps above, the same thing happened. This is strange. Maybe something in my system is screwing this up :( Hopefully someone has run into this and shed some light.

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So that people know you've found the solution, take your third edit, paste it in as an answer and click the 'Accept' checkmark. – Arthur Shipkowski Jun 11 '11 at 21:48
Will do, thanks for the help! – wliao Jun 13 '11 at 13:49

If you don't do a "make clean", the previous compilation results are still there. Only modules affected by the code you changed will be rebuilt.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned that I did do make clean, with the same result. – wliao Jun 10 '11 at 13:51
Where did you untar the freshly-downloaded kernel? – Arthur Shipkowski Jun 10 '11 at 15:14
Hi, I untar in my download folder, it is /home/wliao/Downloads/linux-, but the location should be irrelevant? – wliao Jun 10 '11 at 15:29
Just wanted to be sure you weren't untaring it on top of the existing kernel build with this issue. – Arthur Shipkowski Jun 10 '11 at 15:33

Perhaps only those four modules have a dependency on the files you touched. If you'd like to confirm this, do a make clean and then try building again, and see if you don't get all the modules compiling again. Of course, it'll take a lot longer!

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Hi, yes I did do a make clean but it didn't help – wliao Jun 10 '11 at 13:54

Try make V=1 ... for verbose output. Or even V=2.

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Ok, after several cups of coffee and lots of googling, I don't know how this all works yet, but looks like when I first upgraded the kernel, the .config was based on the running kernel's config and it includes all the needed modules, therefore it ran fine? Then somehow on the subsequent compilations almost all of the modules were not configured in the .config (except the 4 mentioned above). Long story short, I used the old .config and ran menuconfig to make additional changes, it seems to solve my problem. Thanks!

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