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hello i am hacking ApprovedRevs mediaWiki extension I am using mediaWiki 1.16

basically i need to know the name of current logged in user in mediaWiki in a function which is executed when an UnknownAction hook is fired,

I know i can access the logged in user name $wgUser->mName; $wgUser being a global variable but what i get is an empty string

I did print_r in skin file (vector.php) and it contained all the info there but when i did the same in the function i am working on i got this:

StubUser Object
    [mGlobal] => wgUser
    [mClass] => 
    [mParams] => Array


i.e it was empty so can anyone tell me what should i do?

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You should use the object's getName method (like $wgUser->getName()) instead of accessing the property directly.

This is because the object is initially a stub object. This means that the data aren't loaded until the first method call. You can see the reference documentation on StubObject.

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thanks Matej, it is a lot clear now! –  shaheer Jun 12 '11 at 19:20

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