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Is this possible? It seems when I try and do this manually or via an SSIS task it does not work whereas it will be fines with other editions.

(I'm using my local developer edition as a test environment)

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Fine with other editions on your local workstation?

Developer should be the same as enterprise, they say.

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It is possible. Sql Server Developer edition has the same features as the enterprise edition What error do you get? Is the data source of your local cube pointing to the right db?

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I was trying to do it via SSIS, but get an error when connected to the Analysis Servcies instance in management studio and ricght clink on cube/pressing process. The error is a security error even though I'm logged in – AJM Mar 11 '09 at 9:27
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Solved this. I had to configure my analysis services instance to use my account rather than the built in account in SQL Server Configuration manager

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I always use separate accounts for sql services, eliminate random stuff not working. – Sam Mar 11 '09 at 21:32

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