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I´m trying to work out a problem with registering my configuration classes. I have the following in my Installer:

First I register my open generic factory

            .Register(Component.For(typeof (IConfigurationProvider<>))
                    .ImplementedBy(typeof (AppSettingsConfigurationProvider<>)));

Then I´m trying to register all concrete impl. of IConfiguration and I need to use my registered impl. IConfigurationProvider to resolve them.

Problem is that my factory looks like this:

public class AppSettingsConfigurationProvider<TConfiguration>
    where TConfiguration : class, IConfiguration, new()
    public TConfiguration Build()
        var config = new TConfiguration();

        var properties = typeof(TConfiguration).GetProperties(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance);

        foreach (var p in properties)
            if (!p.CanWrite) 

            if (p.GetSetMethod(false) == null) 

            var settingsKey = string.Format("{0}.{1}", p.ReflectedType.FullName, p.Name);

            p.SetValue(config, Convert.ChangeType(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[settingsKey], p.PropertyType), null);

        return config;

So I need to set the generic type.

Is there a way to get away with this, so that I dont need to register each configuration component one by one like this:

                        .UsingFactoryMethod(kernel => kernel.Resolve<IConfigurationProvider<DummyConfiguration>>().Build()));

I would prefer a more automatic way to register my configuration componets.

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Would something similar to what Ben Hall described, using DictionaryAdapter work for you? Notice that if you're using Windsor 2.5 you already have DictionaryAdapter (it is part of Castle.Core.dll now).

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Yes, It does solve the problem, thank you Krysztof! But, Lets say I would like to load my configuration from some other store, a database for example. Is there a way to register all configuration components implementing IConfiguration and then have Windsor automaticly infer the type for the registered IConfigurationProvider<> component? – Martin Mellqvist Jun 13 '11 at 7:22

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