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I'm looking a component that is able to draw 3-dimensional images based on 3-dimensional points.

Example (See 3D Plot):

In my application I have points containing the coordinates for the x-,y-, and the z-axis. I'm looking for a usage like this:


The possibility to define the view angle would be nice as well. Is there any open source component available? (Can't be a commercial license, because the project is a student project)

Winforms Application

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Which technology are you basing this on? Winforms or WPF? Also, do you have a Mathematica license per chance? – Gleno Jun 10 '11 at 14:57
@Gleno: Winforms. No I don't have a Mathematica license – citronas Jun 10 '11 at 15:25
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We ended up using ILNumerics.Net:

It has the ability to draw nice 3D-Plots, but the rotating / zoom function is buggy and might result in a buggy redraw.

There is also a problem with disposing / reusing the control that results in NullReferenceException in the internal code of the 3D-Component, after ~10-20 redraws. (We ended up "fixing" this, by an ugly trial and error approach with try / catch and so on)

I posted some pictures of the finished project here: The second gallery from the top are 3D-plots made using ILNumerics.Net

Edit Jan 2012: The developers decided to go commercial:

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If you have a component for displaying bitmap (or SVG) then you can use MathGL plotting library (GPL, LGPL for core) for producing such bitmap (or SVG file) with graphics.

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