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I'm looking to hear others experiences with SVG + Javascript Frameworks.

Things that I'd like the framework to handle - DOM creation, event handling and minimal size.

Jquery SVG plugin - http://keith-wood.name/svg.html seems to be the only one I can find.

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Raphael is a javascript framework for manipulating vector graphics, either with SVG or VML, depending on what the browser supports.

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My favorite JavaScript framework is jQuery. But original jQuery package is unable to run inside SVG because of some HTML-specific places.

But I have patched the newest version of jQuery (1.4.2) so it is able to run under SVG now. You can take patched jQuery package from here.

A single issue with it is that SVG doesn't invoke initialization function from incuded jQuery source so I was to introduce jQueryInitialize function and jQueryInitialize(window); must be invoked manually in svg:onload event.

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Check the D3 library

D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

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Do you need SVG or just vector-like graphics manipulation? John Resig ported the "Processing" visualization language to JavaScript. I never used it, but from the creator of jQuery it may help you out if you don't actually require SVG.


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This post is too old but I think maybe people will be interesting checking out http://snapsvg.io/ which is a framework build by the same guy that did Raphael. But for modern browsers.

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I haven't used it yet, but i bookmarked PlotKit some time ago because it's a javascript framework that generates svg

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I'm sorry, but spam prevention mechanism impede me from posting more than one hyperlink in one answer. Here is prove of concept of running jQuery under SVG.

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