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i'd like to write a macro that selects the next word to the right of the cursor, checks its spelling and replaces an error with the first suggestion..

can anyone with more VBA knowledge than me (..laugh) help out.

i tried the macro recorder but did not get any farther than this:

Sub FirstSuggest()
    Selection.MoveLeft Unit:=wdWord, Count:=1, Extend:=wdExtend

End Sub

thanks, kay

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Dim r As Range
Set r = Selection.GoToNext(wdGoToSpellingError)

With r.GetSpellingSuggestions()
  If .Count > 0 Then
    r.Text = .Item(1).Name
  End If
End With
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..perfect - thanks a lot! –  Kay Jun 14 '11 at 7:01

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