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I have a users, messages and comments.

users id user_id

messages id user_id

comments id message_id

I can get users data of the message using with().

$model = ORM::factory('message');
$messages = $model

with('comment') doesn't work. I guess because it's created for one-to-one relations while I have message has_many comment.

How do I get comments data into $messages? Like the following: ['message_id']['comment_id'][DATA]?

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0. Define relationships:

User has_many Messages Message has_many Comments Message belongs_to User Comment belongs_to Message

class Model_User extends ORM {
    protected $_has_many = array('messages' => array());

class Model_Message extends ORM {
    protected $_belongs_to = array('user' => array());
    protected $_has_many = array('comments' => array());

class Model_Comment extends ORM {
    protected $_belongs_to = array('message' => array());

1. Get user messages:

$messages = ORM::factory('user', $user_id)->messages->find_all();
foreach($messages as $message) {...}

2. Get message owner:

$user = ORM::factory('message', $message_id)->user; // without find_all()!

3. Get message comments:

$comments = ORM::factory('message', $message_id)->comments->find_all();
foreach($comments as $comment) {...}
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biakaveron,thank you for you answer! I guess I wasn't clear enough. I have comments for the messages and want to get them in the same array as messages i.e. [message_id] => array([message_text]), array([comment]). In order to iterate them in one foreach instead of two. –  Fenec Jun 10 '11 at 20:17
You can do this with join but whats the reason? IMO, few small DB requests are more cacheable than one large. Add new message - and you must refresh whole cached data instead of just adding cache for a new message –  biakaveron Jun 11 '11 at 19:17

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