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I have a resultset consisting of 1 column and in this case 2 rows the single column [ProductDescription] is a varchar field that hold 3 pieces of information (I didn't design it) i need to get those three pieces of information out into 3 additional fields using a query


|ProductDescription            |
|DB1 - DB2 - DB3               |
|DataBit1 - DataBit2 - DataBit3|


|Field1  |Field2  |Field3  |ProductDescription            |  
|DB1     |DB2     |DB3     |DB1 - DB2 - DB3               |  
|DataBit1|DataBit2|DataBit3|DataBit1 - DataBit2 - DataBit3|  

I have tried using combinations of Substring and charindex but haven't been able to get it quite right, each part of the field could be any length so using hardcoded offsets doesn't work.

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Is there literally a dash and whitespace between each component? –  cmsjr Mar 10 '09 at 16:16
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This isn't pretty, but it works and it does give you what you are looking for, for your specific case... If you had a variable number of tokens in your ProductDescription, you would probably need to create a stored proc to manage your state while parsing the string, as this would quickly grow unmanageable.

create table #table(productdescription varchar(255))
/* Demonstrate it working in a 'pretty' case */
INSERT INTO #TABLE (ProductDescription) values ('abc - def - ghi')

/* Demonstrate it working in a 'ugly' case */
insert into #table (ProductDescription) values ('jklsaf -mnoa-psdfaqr')

SELECT RTRIM(LTRIM(SUBSTRING(ProductDescription, 0, CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription)-1))) as Field1,

RTRIM(LTRIM(SUBSTRING(ProductDescription, CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription)+1, (CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription, CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription)+1)) - (CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription)+1)))) as Field2,

RTRIM(LTRIM(SUBSTRING(ProductDescription, CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription, CHARINDEX('-', ProductDescription)+1)+1, LEN(ProductDescription)))) as Field3
FROM #table

I hope this helps!

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There's a small bug: returns "DB2 - DB3", "DataBit2 - DataBit3", "def - ghi", "mnoa-psdfaqr" etc in the Field2 column. –  LukeH Mar 10 '09 at 17:27
Fixed. I forgot to subtract my Charindex parameters to get a LENGTH in the FIELD2 case. –  Doug Mar 10 '09 at 17:27
And I had a very similar bug in my answer too :) –  LukeH Mar 10 '09 at 17:48
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How about an inline function that takes a string, a delimiter, and what part you want back

 Create Function dbo.GetPart(@InString as varchar(1000)
     , @Part as int
     , @Delim as varchar(10))
    Returns varchar(1000) as 
        Declare @CurrentPart int
        Declare @i int 
        Declare @j int
        Declare @Ret varchar(1000)
        Set @Ret = ''
        Set @i = 0
        Set @InString = Replace(@InString, ' ', '')

        Set @CurrentPart = 1
        while (@CurrentPart <= @Part)
        	Set @j =  charindex(@Delim, @InString, @i + 1 ) 
        	if @j = 0 set @j = len(@InString) + 1
        	if ((@j - @i) > 0 and @CurrentPart = @Part)
        		Set @Ret =  Substring(@InString, @i , @j - @i) 
        		If @Ret = '' set @ret = 'Weird'
        	Set @i = charindex(@Delim, @InString, @i) + len(@delim)
        	Set @CurrentPart = @CurrentPart + 1
        if @Ret = '' Set @Ret = 'inconveivable'
        Return @Ret
    Select dbo.GetPart('DB1 - DB2 - DB3',1, '-') as Field1
    ,dbo.GetPart('DB1 - DB2 - DB3',2, '-') as Field2
    , dbo.GetPart('DB1 - DB2 - DB3',3, '-') as Field3

    Select dbo.GetPart('DataBit1 - DataBit2 - DataBit3',1, '-') as Field1
    ,dbo.GetPart('DataBit1 - DataBit2 - DataBit3',2, '-') as Field2
    , dbo.GetPart('DataBit1 - DataBit2 - DataBit3',3, '-') as Field3
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This function removes whitespace early, so you shouldn't use whitespace characters in the delimiter as it is currently written. –  cmsjr Mar 10 '09 at 17:46
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Assuming that there are always three pieces of information in your ProductDescription column and that the delimiter is always " - " then the following should do the trick:

    SUBSTRING(ProductDescription, 1,
        CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription) - 1
    ) AS Field1,
        CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription) + 3,
        CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription,
            CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription) + 3
        ) - (CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription) + 3)
    ) AS Field2,
        CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription,
            CHARINDEX(' - ', ProductDescription) + 3) + 3,
    ) AS Field3,
FROM your_table
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Thanks luke, that is close but not exact.

|DB1        |DB2       |DB3            |ProductDescription                   |
|Loading    |Trailer   |Albert Moving  |Loading - Trailer - Albert Moving    |
|Unloading  |Trailer - |Moving Staffers|Unloading - Trailer - Moving Staffers|
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Oops, I've updated my answer to fix it. –  LukeH Mar 10 '09 at 17:49
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Here is another solution. Assumes that there is no period (.) in the Product Description:

    LTRIM(PARSENAME(REPLACE(ProductDescription,'-','.'),3)) DB1, 
    LTRIM(PARSENAME(REPLACE(ProductDescription,'-','.'),2)) DB2, 
    LTRIM(PARSENAME(REPLACE(ProductDescription,'-','.'),1)) DB3, 
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Personall I would check for " - " and use that as my delimiter instead of just the "-" for the simple reason that many entries can be hyphenated. Substitute the 3 character comination with a comma and essentially generate a CSV (Stage 1) and the Parse the CSV strings into your table.

There is nothing wrong with distictly dividing your process into two outcome-specific operations to achieve what you need to.


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