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I was trying to fix some garbage that was happening (frustratingly) by updating rubygems yesterday. To fix spork, I typed "bundle install spork" before I realized I hadn't actually typed "gem install spork" and it installed everything in a spork directory within my project folder. I removed that, and tried "bundle install ." which seemed to work. But I just went to do a commit and noticed I now had a ruby directory in my project.

I removed that, but now don't know how to get bundle to go back to installing somewhere outside my project directory. Does anyone know what command will accomplish this?

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If you ever accidentally invoke bundle install foo then it will try to install your gems inside a foo directory, and also will set this as your permanent choice in .bundle. So, take a look at .bundle/config and make sure there isn't anything unwanted in there.

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Needed to use bundle install --system to get it to revert back to the default directory.

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bundle install with no path argument does it for me.

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