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I am using lock! in my code and want to catch the exception thrown if lock! fails for some reason (e.g. cannot get the lock). What kind of exceptions can lock! throw? I checked the ruby docs but couldn't find the specific Exception classes.


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Here is the source for that locking call. It calls reload and its source looks like this:

          # File lib/active_record/base.rb, line 2333
2333:       def reload(options = nil)
2334:         clear_aggregation_cache
2335:         clear_association_cache
2336:         @attributes.update(self.class.find(, options).instance_variable_get('@attributes'))
2337:         @attributes_cache = {}
2338:         self
2339:       end

so when you call reload(:lock => lock) as the call to lock does it it really updating the attributes of that record.

There are a lot of different situations here. You could try to lock a record that dosnt exist, or lock one that has been locked elsewhere. What error are you interested in catching?

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The errors when the record doesn't exist and if the record has been locked elsewhere. What are the names of the corresponding exceptions so I can restrict my rescue statement accordingly? – dhruvg Jun 11 '11 at 0:41
Good question, I believe you want to catch RecordNotFound and StaleObjectError. All the errors that AR will raise can be found at:… – Devin M Jun 11 '11 at 1:30

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