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I have a repeater which creates a child named "wholeProject" each time the repeater loops.

<mx:Repeater id="projectRP" dataProvider="{projectsHttp.lastResult.project}">
        oneDay="{(usableSize.width - 16)/14}"
        creationComplete="getConflicts('project', 'l', false); getStudentYears();"

As you can see from the last line of the piece, i have a the creationComplete option run two functions. What I would LIKE to happen is once the repeater is done loading all of the block:project pieces for each function to run once and only once. Instead, the two functions are running after each is created. I tried putting the creation complete in the tag, but that didn't work.

Is there a way to tell the creationComplete piece to run only when the last piece of the repeater has been created?

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You want to check out the repeatEnd event

<mx:Repeater ... repeatEnd="repeatEndHandler(event)">
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Thanks... it worked (running the function(s) after the repeater was finished, but for some reason, it function no longer works... :(. I'm sure i can work with it from here though, thanks a bunch! –  Brds Jun 10 '11 at 17:55

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